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Hi, We’re the RV Odd Couple. Long story short, we sold most of our possessions to RV Full Time in pursuit of freedom, independence and adventure.

This is either the smartest or the worst decision we’ve ever made because we couldn’t be more opposite. And having two people so diametrically opposed in such a small space makes for quite an adventure!

Our backgrounds are pretty different too. John, a Bostonian, spent his life as a Contractor enjoying great success. Mercedes is a Colorado Native and life-long nerd. She left her career in the mortgage industry after John’s remodeling company took off.  He is the impulsive, high strung, big idea guy and she is the methodical, calm, and analytical one.  We also have a pretty big age difference, but it’s ok because John’s really immature! :-)

But deciding to transition to full-time RV living was a pretty bold move.  You see, we were actually on the brink of divorce!  We sold our remodeling company in Colorado and moved to Florida.  We bought a beautiful big house right on the water with a pool and a boat lift on the water.  Everything on the outside looked amazing.  But in reality our marriage was in crumbles.  We had filed for divorce and were in the process of dividing everything up.  At the closing table, while selling the “dream house,” John had a moment of clarity.  He convinced Mercedes to give the marriage one more shot. 

It was at that time that John started watching RV Youtubers.  He slowly convinced Mercedes to consider full time RVing.  When we began considering minimalism and tiny living, we started by researching all the vehicle types. We researched motor homes, class A’s, class B’s, 5th wheels, travel trailers, tiny homes, and finding the right tow vehicle.  We had so much to learn about how to RV, but we had a common mission and it helped us restore our marriage.

The process of becoming a minimalist family was a soul searching endeavor. We looked at how other families with kids simplified their lives to travel and figured out what we needed to make this work. We documented the process to transition into full-time RV living with our family. We explored all aspects of the RV lifestyle, from nomad boondocking to RV park memberships and glamping. Having just liquidated everything turned out to be a blessing because we had nothing holding us back.  So we took the leap of faith and decided to RV full time! 

But RV Life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies.  You see, we started encountering problems that those RV Youtube channels hadn’t warned us about.  We struggled.  The RVers that we had followed didn’t welcome us with open arms.  It was clear that we were outsiders and competition.  We were devastated not to be welcomed by the mainstream RVing community.

As we were sharing our RVing struggles on YouTube, our viewers started helping us, teaching us on how to RV, and becoming our friends. It was then that we decided to make it our mission to help beginner RVers avoid the  huge mistakes that we made along the way.   

But out of deep pain came a great joy.  You see, our viewers who were teaching us to RV formed a vibrant community and the RV Odd Squad, was formed.  Today the RV Odd Squad is our family on the road!

And thus, through trial and error, (and the help of the RV Odd Squad), we were able to create the community we craved and learn RV living hacks along the way. 

Because despite all of our differences, we share a love for one another, a devotion to our kids, and a conviction to serve the RV Odd Squad. 

By sharing our journey, (the good, bad, and ugly), we help the next generation of RVers.

Join us as we take on the adventure of our lives!


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